Green and profitable business

Introduction to the project:

Perhaps the paper is the most important raw material for the production of publishing products, and its consumption in our country is not low. In the field of producing this material, there are a few factories that provide a small percentage of domestic needs and the rest of the world enters. One of the reasons for not producing paper in Iran is weather conditions and the lack of forest resources, because the main component of paper is wood that comes from trees. So we should look for a paper that is adapted to the conditions of our country. One of the methods of paper production is “paper production from stone” !! Perhaps it’s not initially believable, but it’s one of the new ways in the paper industry to come from other countries, including Japan, Taiwan, and so on.

Bonding material:
۸۰% of the material is a rock paper of calcium carbonate. Most of the rock on Earth is a limestone rock that can be extracted from calcium carbonate. Around Iran is full of limestone-based stones, which is why our country has a lot of cement plants. Perhaps the production of this paper for other countries, including European countries, is not profitable because their rocky materials are not as rich as Iran, but it is very costly for our country.
۱۵% of the material is polypropylene and polyethylene. A compound called coupling agent is used to connect calcium carbonate and resin materials, which are polypropylene and polyethylene.

Physical Difference Between Rock Paper and Cellulose Paper:
If we look at cellulose paper, it appears in the surface of the pores that are due to the short and long fibers and their composition, in the paper after mixing the ingredients, a substance called the compatibilizer is added to the homogenization compound. This material monolithic and homogeneous molecular structure of the composition, which is why porous and fuzzy are not visible in the tissue. 5% of the paper ingredient contains a coupling agent and a compatibilizer.
After being written on cellulose paper automatically, if the jonday is placed in water and dragged by hand, the ink is removed from it, or even the paper texture is disintegrated, but the paper is not the same and the damage is not to the texture Paper, not ink, on paper, in other words, is a waterproof paper.
If we burn the stone paper, the ash remains lime, which indicates a reversible nature. This paper requires up to one year to decompose, that is to say, if there is one year in nature, it will not leave any trace. The most important features of this product can be summarized as follows:
– Being eco-friendly