Limestone converts to paper

Lime paper production in Iran is an emerging industry that maintains water and environmental resources. Hamedan province has a problem with water deficit and water is needed for paper production. Also in our country, wood was always produced, which caused the destruction of trees and the production of pollution and waste. In our country, due to the drought and the environmental problems, most of the paper consumed came from abroad. Due to the high cost of imported paper, the cost of publishing increased in recent years, especially after sanctions. According to experts, the project of producing paper from lime is economical and can create a change in the paper industry in the country and prevent imports of paper.
Experts say the paper production project from lime reduces environmental hazards.

“Paper production from lime is a new technology available in Canada, and our investor, Ahmad Peyro, has acquired this knowledge and is getting an agreement to acquire technical knowledge,” said Hamid Reza Matin, head of the Hamadan Industry, Mining and Commerce Organization. And machinery. Piro Industrial Group is working on this project. The CEO invited investors to co-operate with one investor to the project.
He adds: Wood-based paper production projects create environmental hazards and pollution that increase paper costs. Most of the paper used in the country is also imported. If this paper is produced, it will create a change in the country’s paper industry.

Saving water and wood
According to experts, the production of paper from lime saves water, wood and environmental protection.

Ahmed Peiro, director of the Piro Industrial Group, says: Lime paper production can help prevent paper-making from trees. Governor General of Hamedan is interested in projects that are effective in protecting the environment. The head of the Hamedan Industry, Mining and Commerce Organization suggested that the industrial group follow this product. To produce paper from wood, too much water should be consumed, and a lot of wood, if the country is in a dilemma, should find a replacement for products that need to be consumed abundantly in order to produce them.
He adds: God has thought of everything and has come up with a solution to replace many of the things that we do not use or use uselessly. But we’re thinking of using these solutions when it’s in the dark.
Currently, the province of Hamedan has not been well placed in terms of reservoirs, which is why paper production has been very low for many years.
Also, if sanctions are lifted, our country intends to step in the direction of development, so it needs to save energy, electricity and water. Drug users must run projects that help to consume less energy.
“There are two types of investment for industrial projects; direct investment and indirect investment. Direct investment is that an external investor has shares of the products we produce, but in an indirect investment, based on the trust and credit that we have created over the 40 years of activity relative to our work and our manufacturing group, we have a foreign investor Credits
He added: “We do not open up foreign investors and rely on domestic resources and government approvals.” The government has taken good credit for helping to produce products that save energy, water and electricity. The Islamic Consultative Assembly has passed a law and allocated about $ 100 billion to produce these types of products. Although there is plenty of administrative maze to use this budget, there are abilities in this area in the country.
“We have the ability to pay for this project, but if we need to be involved with foreign investors, we are inviting them to cooperate.”
He says: It’s been about a month since the start of this project, and we are conducting preliminary studies and exploration of mines to find out which one can give us a high purity lime product. We are currently in talks with Japanese, European and Australian companies, but none has yet come to an end and remains at negotiation level, but these talks are only related to the transfer of technology and know-how for the production of paper from lime to other countries, and there are no negotiations for investment. We did not do this project. Equipment, machinery and science from abroad, because no studies have been done in our country in the field of limestone paper production.
We have gathered enough information in the last month and decided to launch the first phase of production of our paper mill by the end of this year. This unit is under construction in Rosen Industrial Town.
“By the end of this year, we are starting to produce paper from lime, but the plant’s land has not yet been built up and infrastructure has not yet been provided,” says Piro. The production capacity of this plant is 4 thousand tons. If this project succeeds in Hamedan province and a good market for it in the province, and we are able to export these papers to the Kurdistan region, we will extend this industry to other provinces as well.