Stone paper technology

The invention of papermaking is a major contribution to China, which is an important and indispensable thing for people to work, study and live. Traditional papermaking due to over-harvesting trees caused by the lack of global forest resources, paper production process on the environment difficult to solve the pollution and the negative impact of the ecological environment, has aroused great concern of all mankind.
To inorganic powder (mainly calcium carbonate) as the main raw material, adding a small amount of synthetic resin and chemical additives, the use of advanced technology to produce a new environmentally friendly synthetic paper. This is a new type of paper, it can be used for printing, packaging, card board and a variety of labels and other fields, with excellent paper properties and environmental performance.
Synthetic paper is called “tear is not broken” paper, at present, commonly known as “stone paper” or “stone paper”, “synthetic paper” is called more scientific, synthetic paper in Europe and the United States has thirty Years of development history, the domestic ten years ago began trial production, was due to plain paper and synthetic paper production into the market price upside down and other reasons, not in the domestic market to promote a large number.