Stone paper equipment

PARS KAVOSH POLYMER CO .has been actively engaged in the research and development of stone and paper production equipment since 2008, and it is the most economical and economical method. The cost of stone paper is also the lowest in process requirements. The tireless mechanical professional R & D team combined with industry experts in the formulation of the technical aspects of guidance, cohesive company now has a complete solution of the overall equipment technology, to provide customers with stone paper production line from the plant construction guidance to the equipment supply to the recipe to provide Service until the production of qualified products, complete the project turnkey project.

To achieve environmental protection paper, “plastic on behalf of the paper, with plastic and wood,” the perfect conversion, together plastic machine vows and customers for a better tomorrow!

Poly stone equipment features:

Small footprint : Poly stone paper equipment covers an area of ​​small, only the traditional paper production area of ​​1/10

Low cost of equipment investment : only need to put the traditional paper equipment 1/5

Production process clean : no dust, no need for sewage treatment, production environment clean and sanitary

Reduce the labor force: the basic realization of automated production, the number of workers only traditional paper 1/8

No production of waste : the traditional paper production process to produce sewage, coal ash, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions

Saving water: only a small amount of cooling water, each production of one ton of stone paper relative to the traditional paper to save the use of fresh water 110 tons! This is important for easing water stress

Power saving: compared with the traditional production of fiber paper, each production of one ton of stone paper can save 280Kwh, electricity consumption is the traditional paper production equipment 1/2


Polyester stone production equipment in line with the flow \ calendering production process: ingredients, blending, extrusion production of special masterbatch, and then after extrusion, rolling, stretching, cooling, surface treatment, coating, slitting Is the base paper. High production efficiency, good product quality, low production costs, paper surface is smooth, especially for high-end printing books and book cover and so on.

Masterbatch production of major equipment: high-cold mixer, masterbatch granulation production line.

Total volume : length X width X height = 40 meters X8.5 meters X8 meters

Production capacity: 500-800KG / H about 5,000 tons / year

Paper thickness: 0.5 to 0.6 mm means 60 microns to 500 microns

Side waste disposal: automatic recovery, automatic crushing, automatic filling

Operation control: automatic computer control, automatic monitoring, automatic transmission, automatic closed loop

Production process: clean production, no pollution, no dust, no waste, raw materials automatically fill

Production operation workers: about 15 people / three shifts (sets of equipment)

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Stone paper burns slowly and embers are powder
Stone wall paper
Stone paper
Masterbatch particles
Stone one of the raw materials —- stone powder