Development prospects

The promotion and application of Stone paper will be Iran development of low-carbon economy, building an environment-friendly society to bring sustainable development of the broad prospects. As the application of stone paper widely (printing, decoration, packaging, etc.), some domestic manufacturers in the production. At present, the more suitable domestic production process can be used to produce blending modified special materials, and then casting / calendering process, and surface treatment, the production of synthetic paper. The process of production of synthetic paper in the inorganic powder accounted for 60% of the product quality to 80%, high production efficiency, practical and reasonable, product variety can be adjusted according to market needs.
Stone plastic paper is a synthetic resin, inorganic powder, chemical additives produced by the plastic modified paper products. A large number of inorganic powder in the product occupies an important share, while the resin and additives have played a key role, so the community called “stone paper” is called, we recently developed PLA / CaCO3 synthetic paper, using sweet potato, corn The production of synthetic paper for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other aspects of packaging, the product can be used after the natural degradation, to solve the synthetic paper and ordinary Paper should not be recycled at the same time the problem, the product also has a clear product health, green, is the development of circular economy, focusing on low-carbon energy-saving environmental protection products.
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