Characteristics of paper

Polyester Extrusion Machinery Co., Ltd. – Stone Paper / Stone Paper / Synthetic Paper Application Features:

(1) to save resources. Synthetic paper raw materials used mainly calcium carbonate and other inorganic powder and synthetic resin, do not need wood and natural plant fiber, production equipment only need to use trace water, saving a lot of trees and water resources.

(2) environmental protection prominent. Synthetic paper production without water, no wood pulp, no steam, no toxic, harmful gases, no emissions of waste water, waste residue, waste gas, the production of scrap can be automatically recycled after recycling, the production process does not cause the environment Pollution or harm.
Synthetic paper can be recycled after 100% recycling. Can also be based on the use of different, adjust the production of raw materials formula, the production of synthetic paper in the use of abandoned, can be natural degradation in the natural environment.

(3) excellent application performance. Synthetic paper is made of plastic and paper, with plastic and wood, with plastic and paper dual function of the new products, it has a durable, high tear strength, good puncture resistance, good folding resistance, especially in high-end print , Can show bright color, full bright, good compatibility, such as bonding advantages.


(4) good health. Synthetic paper raw and auxiliary materials non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, products and daily chemical, food, medicine, light industry and other products in direct contact, no toxic side effects.


(5) good chemical stability. Synthetic paper can be used for most of the chemical packaging, chemical stability, good moisture resistance, anti-moth, not mildew, anti-rotten rotten.


(6) good workability. Can be used for cutting, die cutting, printing, bronzing, drilling, folding, adhesive, coating, covering, Laminating and other processing methods.